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History| Customs and traditions  
  Customs and traditions  

On 2nd of February, La Candelaria festivity, newborns are taken to La Vega Virgin, who is Haro's patron saint, searching for her protection. On 15th of May, San Isidro, a mass is offered to Haro's saint. On 24th of June, Saint John, it takes place at dawn an enormous gathering at which hot chocolate is served. Next, the Mayor presentes Regidor Sindico with the wand, he will be on charge till the ending of the festivities. After this, there is a drum roll covering the city, meanwhile the June opening speech is proclaimed.

The 25th is dedicated to San Felices, Haro's Patron Saint, a anchorite Saint who was San Millan's teacher, and being celebrated a procession in his honor. San Felices brotherhood was founded in 1655 and they are in charge to carry on the kept relics of this Saint and also San Millan's Saint in the procession.

  San Felices  

But the most famous festivity of the city of the city is celebrated on 29th of June, and it is declared of interest to tourists, during this activity, which is located at Bilibios Crags, where it is celebrated the "Battle of Wine", that Hergueta already mentions in his book published in 1906 in 1906, nowadays this festivity of the city is maintained as it was at the beginning of the century. The origin of this tradition seems to be a dispute over the ownership of these mountains with the neighbouring village of Miranda de Ebro.

Battle of Wine

The Regidor Sindico by horse opens the procession til arriving at the chapel which was dwelled in V century, and, after Placing the standard on the top of the crags, the mass starts, and after this, the battle of wine starts. It is a pacific battle, where both of the sides, if during the fight they able to know which side they belong, throw wine each other without rest.

All the weapons are welcome for this non-bloody battle, from small wineskins to sulphate machine are used to throw thousands of litres of wine that turn mountains in an amazing spectacle. After the battle, when the midday approaches, people come back to the city to go around Paz Square. later, they run in front of the heifers til the bullring.

  Desfile de Carrozas

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